How to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring offers a polished warmth in any room in your home, whether your floors are cherry, oak, or walnut. We love working with clients to select the perfect flooring for their homes. But, once the installation is complete, how can you keep your floors in good condition? Here are a few tips to protect and maintain the quality of your hardwood floors:

  • Leave Shoes at the Door — First, it is important to keep your floors free of dirt and dust. Leaving shoes at the door when you enter your home does a lot to keep your hardwood flooring looking bright and polished.
  • Prevent Scratches–Place furniture pads made of felt on the bottom of chair and table legs as well as other pieces of furniture. This will help protect your floors from inadvertent scratches. Also, look out for high heels, boxes, or other items with sharp corners and handle them with care around hardwood flooring.
  • Try Sweeping Instead of Vacuuming- Cleaning hardwood floors regularly is an important part of hardwood maintenance. However, the bristles on a broom are typically gentler on hardwood flooring than a vacuum. When possible, leave the vacuum in the closet and opt for good old-fashioned sweeping.
  • Clean Floors with the Right Products- After your flooring installation, be sure to ask our staff what cleaners we recommend for your hardwood flooring. We are happy to let you know what cleaners will work well without harming the hardwood finish. Avoid cleaners with oil soaps, vinegar, or ammonia as they may dull the finish of your hardwood flooring.