Choosing the right type of flooring for your home can be a tricky business. Carpet has always been a popular flooring option in Mooresville, Concord and North Charlotte thanks to its affordability and comfort. But what kind of carpet should you choose? These days, there are a ton of options out there, and it can all get a little overwhelming when you start doing research! That’s why we’re here to break down the benefits and drawbacks of two popular carpet options.


Common Carpet Styles

Two of the most popular carpet styles are loop and cut pile. There are plenty of variants within each category, but the general style of the carpet remains the same. Almost all carpets are manufactured in the same way: as loop carpets. Looping each piece of fiber and affixing the ends of the loop to the carpet’s backing creates these. To turn one into a cut pile carpet, the loops are literally cut so that the ends of the carpet’s fibers are visible.


Carpet Materials

Both loop and cut pile carpets come in a wide range of materials. The most common styles are olefin, nylon and wool carpets. Wool, a natural carpet material, is the most expensive, but also the most durable. You can also choose a blend of materials if you want to get some of the benefits of wool at a lower cost.



Loop and cut pile carpets have varying benefits. People often choose loop carpets because of their durability. Carpets with very tight loops are especially durable; the loop design makes the fibers less likely to fray or show marks from heavy furniture. Loop carpets also offer more traction than most other carpets, so people choose them for staircases and other areas where people might slip.

Cut pile carpets are extremely soft underfoot. They offer a luxurious feel and look that most other carpets can’t compete with. The cut fibers are also easy to keep clean with a vacuum because dirt and dust can’t get caught in hidden areas.



One of the main complaints about loop carpets is that they are not as soft as other carpet styles. We recommend using loop carpets for areas like the living room or staircase where there will be a lot of traffic. Tightly looped carpets can also be harder to clean thoroughly. It’s easier for dirt and dust to get caught inside the loops. Lastly, though loop carpets are very durable, if one loop unravels it can do some serious damage to your floor. The main cause of this is the carpet getting snagged on a pet’s claws.

Cut pile carpets might offer superior comfort, but the exposed fibers are much more prone to fraying and damage over time. Depending on the pile height (how thick the carpet is) your cut pile carpet might also show footsteps and other impressions easily.


How to Choose Your Carpet

In the end, it’s up to you to determine what type of carpet is best for your home. Our experts at Floor Coverings International of Mooresville are happy to help you make the decision. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of other factors that make up a carpet’s quality. Be sure to ask lots of questions and be mindful of material. You’ll have your Mooresville, Denver, Concord, North Charlotte, NC area home looking cozy and stylish in no time!


Photo Credit: Pholon