The Best Flooring Options for Pets

Did you know that nearly 70 percent of households in the U.S. have at least one pet? If you belong to that group of roughly 85 million families, you know that your flooring can take a bit of a beating. Although you’d never consider not having your furry family members, you still would like flooring that can survive this extra wear and tear. If you are considering new flooring, here are a few tips that can help.

One thing you should consider is not just how your pets are now, but how they’ll be in the years to come. As they get older and as you add new pets to your family, you could find out your flooring choice didn’t work out like you planned. For example, your pets may be well behaved enough to consider carpeting or hardwood now, but what happens when they have accidents later in life or you get a new puppy?

You should also consider what you want from your flooring. If you want an immaculate floor, you won’t want to go with a softer hardwood, such as pine, fir or chestnut, that can become scratched more easily. Instead, choose a wood species that rates high for hardness, such as maple, hickory, mahogany, cherry, oak or walnut. If you want the appearance of wood but more water resistance, consider laminate or luxury vinyl instead. For extreme durability, consider tile or stone, but keep in mind it can be cold and slippery, which presents challenges, too.

While carpeting is a flooring choice that takes a lot of care to maintain in a pet household, it could be your best bet if you have an aging pet that you want to make as comfortable as possible. Expect to clean it often and probably replace it sooner. Another option that is nice for aging dogs is cork flooring, as it is warm and pliant, but also naturally antimicrobial.

If you would like more information about flooring options for pet households or would like to schedule an in-home consultation, call on us at Floor Coverings International. You’ll have access to a wealth of information and options, and our design associates will be happy to go over which flooring choices are the best for your situation.