Three Considerations When Buying an Area Rug

One of the things that makes buying an area rug a bit confusing is that there are so many options available. That also makes it an exciting adventure! Before you head to the store to choose an area rug, consider these three important points so you can choose one that you’ll be happy with:

  1. Foot Traffic – Where will your area rug be placed? Will it be in the formal (and rarely used) dining room, in the living room where your family spends most of their time, or perhaps running down a hallway? Some fibers are better equipped to handle foot traffic, so letting your design consultant know how much wear is expected will keep you from choosing an area rug that doesn’t have the quality to endure heavy use.
  2. Décor – Consider what will look best to blend well with the rest of the décor. You may want something detailed and fancy to liven things up, but be careful not to make the room too busy in the process. If you are unsure, consider an in-home design consultation so an expert can provide insight into the colors, textures, and designs that would go best with your décor.
  3. Size – Be sure to get out the tape measure before you head to the area rug store, so you know what size you’ll need. There is nothing more frustrating than getting an area rug home, planning to put it under something and finding out it doesn’t extend far enough around it.

If you would like assistance selecting an area rug for your home, call us at Floor Coverings International. Our design staff is happy to help and eager to help you pick a beautiful area rug for your home.