Understanding the Benefits of Engineered Hardwood FlooringThere is nothing quite like the warm, luxurious appearance of hardwood flooring. If the cost for a traditional solid wood product is a bit over your budget and you don’t want to have to limit it to just one room of your home, your flooring professional can help with a product that might surprise you – engineered hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring is much more affordable because it is made using lower cost materials combined with the wood species you’re looking for to provide a lower cost solution. All you’ll see is the wood grain and shade you want as the other materials are below the surface. Saving money isn’t the only benefit, however.

You might choose engineered hardwood flooring because it stands up to moisture better than a solid wood product does, so there is less chance of warping later on. You will find that an engineered product compared to the same wood species in a solid product will not be quite as durable so will gain its lovely character notes a bit more readily. Most people don’t mind that, but if it is a concern, opt for a hardier wood species than you originally planned.

While a solid wood product can be refinished and restored several times, giving it a lifespan of 100 years or more, you can get a satisfactory result from engineered hardwood flooring as well. Depending on the quality and wear layer involved, as well as how well you care for it, you can still enjoy 20 to 100 years of service from it. It can be sanded and refinished, but only until you work your way through that top wear layer, so opt for the thickest one you can obtain in your price range.

There are many styles of engineered hardwood flooring to choose from and here at Floor Coverings International, we’re happy to bring our mobile flooring showroom to you so you can talk with a flooring design specialist and see the products for yourself in the comfort of your home or office. You’ll be able to see how the various wood species look with your lighting and against other components of your décor. Call today to schedule your appointment and get a quote for material and installation.