Why Carpet Tiles are a Good Fit for Your Business Flooring

As you look to build or remodel your office, carpet tiles are a good flooring option to consider. Here’s a look at why more and more businesses are opting for carpet tiles in their places of work:

  • Easy Installation and Replacement — Carpet tiles are installed piece by piece rather than in larger sections like traditional carpets. When carpet tiles are laid square by square, they can also be replaced square by square. In many cases, this means you can replace carpet worn down in high-traffic areas without replacing the entire flooring.
  • Variety in Colors and Patterns — Choosing carpet tiles for your business flooring also gives you options of different patterns and colors you can incorporate. These carpet squares can be installed in uniform lines or different pieces can be placed with patterns in opposing directions. This means with one carpet color, you can enjoy subtle checkerboard or a diagonal pattern, which adds interest to a room. This makes carpet tiles a versatile option for corporate floors.
  • Comfortable Option for Busy Areas — Carpet tiles are often a popular choice for noisy areas like waiting rooms or meeting rooms. Carpet fibers absorb sound giving carpeted rooms a quieter ambiance. Carpet tiles are also often a low-maintenance flooring option so staff members can work without the hassle of frequent floor cleanings.

The ease, comfort, and versatility of carpet tiles make them a great flooring option for a busy workplace. You can take a look at our product gallery for carpet tile ideas.