A home in Mooresville’s neighborhood, The Point, got a makeover recently. Opting for a lovely hardwood option of Acacia, the flooring adds to the gorgeous support columns that make this home magnificent. The flooring adds value to the home, as solid hardwood flooring can last for decades.

Mooresville Job THE POINT HALLWAYThe beautiful medium brown tone of this solid hardwood Acacia complements the home’s white columns.

Mooresville THE POINT ENTRY WAY BEFORE AND AFTERThe before meeting the after.

Mooresville THE POINT EXAMPLE OF TEAR OUT WORKOld flooring has been torn out to make way for the new gorgeous Acacia hardwood.

THE POINT DETAIL AGAINST TILE FLOORYou can see here where the same flooring from above meets the attractive
tile flooring, distinctly marking where one room ends and the other begins.