Very good communications with customers. Very friendly and professional with scheduling. Excellent installation and a very good price. They also worked with me to repair an uneven floor base under the carpet by filling in the missing wood in a small area instead of insisting to pull up the entire floor for $5,000.00 like a couple competitors wanted to do. Super happy with the results and glad common sense was found at this company!
Pamela Evans
Quality products and exceptional customer service. Communication was superb!
Debi Blake
John Gentry was a pleasure to deal with and was extremely responsive throughout the whole process. He came highly recommend from a friend and I've been very impressed. I had a lot of questions and he was patient and answered all of my questions immediately. The carpet was high quality and matches the sample that he gave me. His crew was polite and they were very hard workers and handled my furniture with great care when moving it during the install. Great company!
Renee McGee
Used this company a total of 3 times and won't be again. Had around $12,000 of carpeting installed a few years ago, of which most had bubbled and buckled. I had also used this company to work on multiple houses in the past refinishing hardwoods. Decided to try and use the company again for floor re-sanding and staining. Contacted the same agent we had used in the past. Upon arrival at the house on 7-25, I showed John Gentry the shape of the carpet in my home and he agreed it was embarrassing and he would get it re-stretched at no cost. We also chose to go with the company to refinish the hardwoods in our master as well as the promised carpet restretch. Project was to be completed during the week of 8-19 (this was important because my wife is pregnant and we would be out of town therefore not exposing her and the baby to the fumes associated with floor refinishing). I had asked for a quote a few different ways, one with me completing the install, and one without. Also at the time we did not know if we wanted the master closet done as well, it all depended on the quote. 7/27 was the date of our first quote. On 8-2 I explicitly only requested for the master bedroom to be refinished, no other project. After which he stated he would get the ball rolling on both the carpet and hardwood projects. On 8-9 i stated no closet refinishing as we chose not to install there. I asked for an updated quote 2x and didn't receive one until 8/20 which still had carpet removal and quarter round install as well as well as including the closet sq footage. Finally after the project was complete (sub contractor was fantastic) we got a final bill for just the total sq footage refinished, but it was still including the closet. I inquired to Mr Gentry about how i was being charged if there was a certain overage that was typical to charge. He said no we only charge for the sq footage we do. I then explained to him that his estimated sq footage was wrong and still included the closet. He asked for payment of the total sq footage and claimed it didn't meet project minimum pricing. I responded by telling him I would pay for the services actually completed, and after all projects had been completed and there was never a mention of project minimum (carpet is still not done a month later). His response was he was going to file with his attorney and I can deal with them if I don't pay in full in 7 days and he wouldn't be fixing our carpeting. I have no problems paying for the services rendered, but do not appreciate the bullying and uncompleted work promised. I will gladly submit payment once his end of the project is completed. Between text messages and emails I have all the "he said she said" and timeline of events to back my story. The only threat that I conceivably made was to only pay for the services completed after they were completed. Nothing to warrant his aggression on a repeat customer. Poor communication, time management, project management and customer service on the part of Mr Gentry are why I will not be recommending the use of this company.
Matt Terryll
There is entire email thread dedicated to the dispute we had.
Rod Springhetti
Floor Coverings International of Mooresville did great work, for a good price. They were very professional and kept in contact with me through ever step of the process. I would defiantly recommend them and will use them again myself when the next project arises.
Nicholas Wieder
Great looking product
My experience was great from the initial call through to installation. The salesman, James Albee who came to my home really listened to what I wanted and needed. And he was able to deliver it all in less than 10 days. He also returned after the install to make sure all my expectations were met! Wonderful experience!!
Tonda Bowles
Delay in completion. Cable line was cut Demo pile was left in neighbors yard that we had to move. Door stops were not all put back on. Some broken. Picture frame was knocked off wall. Moldings were half assed and had to be finished another trip. Transition strips were not put on front entry until requested. There was transition strips on old carpet. However manager Jason who I was in contact with the most did his best to make everything right. Frequently taking my calls bitching on days probably not working and later evenings.
Matthew Lindsay
We had a salesman, James, is why we chose to go with your franchise. He was professional and timely with what he committed to and he also had a very positive tag line on his email closing. Then, John the other partner rolls in, later than scheduled, stayed five minutes then at 3:00 ish that afternoon James calls to inform me that they have to do this and that and it would be 700.00+ and we shouldn't worry because Paul was approved for 10,000 (really none of his business it's not their budget) By the way this was two days prior to install. We had waited two weeks for our installation so, common sense tells me that you should have inspected the project for any up charges weeks before installation. So then Paul Foley the home owner with the credit line gets in touch with James to cancel the order. James and Paul work out an agreement that they would do what's necessary to install our flooring for a certain amount of $$$ and they would still install luan and whatever is needed for the original estimate minus install of trim. The installers were professional and courteous, they didn't put any luan down they smeared concrete and really jacked up,a spot in the fireplace room. In the master bath you can feel the gaps between closet, vanity and shower space. In the second bath there is a huge hump walking in and in time I'm sure it will crack and be one a nightmare. James stopped by to look at job and said the installer will be out to fix the second bath, this has been a week ago a haven't heard back. John is a jerk, after the job without any communication sends an invoice with the wrong amount that was agreed upon. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE from John. So, needless to say I will not use your franchise again and I plan to share my concerns on social media and the Better Business Bureau. Belinda Bentley 606-434-7507 Paul Foley 859-351-2448
Belinda Bentley